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          The 4th round of the National Cup saw a repeat of the 2018/19 Islington & Camden Cup Final as Central Foundation took on St Mary Magdalene Academy. The game started at a frantic pace with neither side getting a foot hold in the game. In tough weather conditions, it was Central Foundation who took the early lead. After a fine midfield exchange between Jordan and Teddy, Marley swept the ball out wide to Charlie who drove past 3 players scoring a goal. A fantastic finish from a student that has progressed phenomenally since Year 7. A period of control from Central Foundation followed the goal but it was St Mary Magdalene Academy who scored next (SMMA 1-2 CFBS at half time).

          “更多的相同”是消息在中场休息时,5分钟下半年内,马利拿到他本场比赛的第二个进球,以扩展我们领先。一个精彩的任意球是上去,在墙上留下门将没有机会。十分钟后,这是1-4中心的基础上,一个美妙的任意球从玩具回来后,被jahnyah平方和查理在踢,他的比赛的第二个进球。这反映神奇的表现出了惊人的刻痕线。 ST玛利亚学院进了一个球一个任意球较晚,但中央基础设法留住进军国家杯的最后64个。








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